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About us

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Northway motorsport (Northway) is an electric vehicle division under Hemank Auto Parts Pvt Ltd. With over 35 years of technological, manufacturing & service expertise, the company, always been a leader of new emerging technologies through its multiple business ventures & products. Having developed its own drivetrains for ev’s, the company proudly presents high end technological solutions for everyday vehicle users. The main aim of the company has always been & shall continue to be, providing cost effective yet technologically advanced localized products & solutions for the Indian and International market, thus promoting 'Make in India' on a global scale. The company through its stakeholders & employees believes that innovation through research and development would help India make a name for itself in the international electric vehicle industry. All the products designed by the company have been based on the conditions of usage & infrastructure in the region of application. Optimization & localization of products helps provide customers with cost effective & efficient solutions .With an ever growing team full of bright young minds the company ensures quality & precision coupled with reliability. The company's products are designed & manufactured using state of the art technology while following the highest industrial & safety standards. Be a part of the EV revolution. Get in touch for more.

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Individual EV Conversion Requests for Vehicles with models NOT compatible with our products shall not be entertained. All Website orders shall be routed through Bharatiya Electric Vehicles (BEV), a trademark owned and operated by ' Droid E-Mobility Private Limited' For corporate orders above 250 vehicles MOQ: